How will I be charged?

Many of the services that we offer, such as business entity formations and the filing of trademark applications, are charged on a fixed fee basis.  That is, you will know before a project begins exactly how much it will cost you.


Sometimes, the cost is more difficult to predict.  In those instances, we charge on an hourly fee basis (with rates that are extremely competitive in the profession).  We will do our best to provide an accurate estimate of the time we expect to spend on such projects. 


On-Site Services

If you are an established company, does your Legal Department have a need for part-time or temporary legal help?  Do things get crazy at the end of sales quarters?  Do you have an in-house staff attorney going on a leave of absence?  We have extensive experience seamlessly filling such gaps by providing both on-site and remote services.  Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.