“But I thought we had a deal . . .”

Agreements are often entered into without contemplation of all possible outcomes or, even worse, without written documentation and confirmation of each parties’ rights and responsibilities.  Having comprehensive, well-written contracts before issues arise ensures that each party knows what is expected and that there is a meeting of the minds.

Most contracts have a lot of provisions and it is easy to miss the small details that can seriously affect you later.  Our experience has taught us what to look for and we can point out potential problems before you sign.  Besides reviewing your contracts to check for omissions, enforceability and potential pitfalls, we can help you negotiate the best terms for your business.  We regularly work with sales, purchasing, marketing, and engineering departments on various aspects of contract negotiation.


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We have years of experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating various types of business contracts with customers, vendors, consultants and strategic partners.  From contract negotiations involving multi-national corporations to those involving local business owners, we know how to approach different types of situations in an effort to bring about mutually satisfactory results.